How to Make the Perfect Scrunchie

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When my sister-in-law told me my 5-year old niece wanted hair accessories for Christmas and specifically mentioned scrunchies, I was excited because they were something I could sew.

I had already made her a simple pillowcase out of a fabric that represented things she loves (elephants, pink, purple, and art). But I wanted to give her something else.

A search on Google resulted in a seemingly unlimited number of tutorials on how to make scrunchies.

After viewing several of the videos, I quickly realized there were many different ways to make scrunchies. I needed to find the one that worked best for me.

It took a little trial and error but I eventually discovered how to make the perfect scrunchie.

What Makes a Scrunchie Perfect

In my opinion, a perfect scrunchie is one that…

  • …is easy to make.
  • …holds your hair securely.
  • …has the right amount and size of ruffles.

The perfect scrunchie will vary from person to person.

To help YOU discover how to make the perfect scrunchie, I curated a collection of four easy-to-understand videos that demonstrate SEVEN different ways scrunchies can be made.

In addition, I complied a list of 8 tips that will further help you make the perfect scrunchie.

Note: One of the techniques ended up being my favorite, but it was through watching all the videos and trying the different techniques that I was able to determine the best way for me to make perfect scrunchies.

Video One

YouTube video

Sasa Time posted the video and demonstrates the technique that ended up being my favorite.

There are two reasons How to Sew Hair Scrunchies Like a Pro became my go-to technique for making a perfect scrunchie.

First, the ends of the tube are sewn together at the start of the construction process. This means they don’t have to be connected after making the tube.

Second, as a result, the opening ends up being in the middle of the tube making it easy to turn the tube right side out.

The length of the video is only 2:56 minutes so it makes for a quick, easy-to-follow tutorial.

Video Two

YouTube video

This tutorial features one of the most common ways to make a scrunchie based on my research.

The length of the video is 4:03 minutes so it makes for another quick to watch tutorial.

The video is embedded in a Spoonflower blog post about making scrunchies that discusses how to choose a fabric.

If video isn’t your main mode of learning, the blog post also demonstrates how to make a scrunchie through photographs and written directions.

Video Three

YouTube video

The creator of this video is Melly Sews.

The technique demonstrated in How to Sew Scrunchies is similar to the one shown in the second video. The main difference is that the ends are sewn together about halfway through the construction process instead of toward the end.

The entire length of the video is 8:18 minutes but she packs a lot of information and helpful tips for making a scrunchie.

She shows two different ways to sew the ends together. One by hand and the other by machine.

A couple of different turning techniques are shown, too. One involving a fun tool called a tube turner.

Around 4:30 minutes into the video, she gives a helpful tip to mark both ends of the elastic to make sure it doesn’t get twisted as you push it through the tube.

Pretty close to 5:50 minutes, she demonstrates how to close the opening in the tube by hand so it isn’t visible.

Melly Sews also created a blog post with photos where you can read how to make a scrunchie.

Video Four

YouTube video

In this video, Kristin demonstrates 4 different ways to make scrunchies putting them in order of the way she likes to make them.

The video is 12:44 minutes long and each technique can be found at the times listed below:

  • Option 1 starts 55 seconds into the video. She uses a ponytail holder instead of a piece of elastic.
  • Option 2 begins at 4:08 minutes and it’s almost identical to the construction process shown in Video Three above.
  • The third option starts at 7:51 minutes and also features a ponytail holder instead of elastic.
  • The fourth option is a no-sew option and begins at 9:48 minutes. It involves Crazy Glue and I didn’t watch this one. There is a warning about Crazy Glue at the very beginning of the video. If you decide to try this method, make sure you listen to what she has to say.

8 Tips for Making the Perfect Scrunchie

Trying the different methods helped me figure out my preferred method for making the perfect scrunchie.

Along the way, I asked questions and discovered things that made scrunchie sewing easier resulting in scrunchies that looked the way I wanted.

Note: The first 5 tips are about scrunchie making in general.

Tip 1: A 1/4″ wide, 7-inch piece of elastic overlapped slightly ends up being about the size of a pony-tail holder.

Elastic 7 inches long is about the same size as a pony tail holder.
Both pieces of elastic are 7″ long. The one on the left is 1/4″ wide and the one on the right is 1/2″ wide.

Tip 2: A piece of elastic that is 1/2-inch wide is easier to work with when sewing ends together and you can’t tell a difference when putting the scrunchie in your hair.

Tip 3: For thicker hair, use a longer piece of elastic. My hair is thick and with an 8-inch piece of elastic, I was able to twist the scrunchie twice around my ponytail. (With the 7-inch elastic I could only get one twist and it was a little loose.)

Tip 4: Use a zig-zag or other stretch stitch to sew the ends of the elastic together to get as much stretchiness as possible out of the elastic.

Tip 5: There is a variety of size recommendations for cutting the fabric for scrunchies.

The length of the fabric will affect the amount of ‘scrunch’ or ruffles on the elastic.

The width of the fabric affects the overall size and ruffle appearance of the scrunchie.

Not sure what size of fabric to cut? The completed scrunchies in the photo below along with the dimensions of the fabric used may help you determine what length and width you want to try to make your perfect scrunchie.

Different size scrunchies

Note: The last 3 tips go with Video OneHow to Sew Hair Scrunchies Like a Pro

Tip 6: Backstitch at the start and finish of the first seam. This is the seam you make when sewing the short ends together.

Backstitch at the start and finish of the short seam.

Tip 7: Press open the seam after sewing the short ends together.

Press the seam open

Tip 8: Leave the needle in the fabric when pulling the inside out toward you.

Put the needle down before pulling the inside of the fabric out.

Hopefully, my research of scrunchie making techniques and tips will help you quickly discover how to make the perfect scrunchie so you can get started on your own!

A pile of scrunchies

Scrunchie with Bow Ears

A reader shared another tutorial in the comments below, that shows how to make scrunchies with bow ears. It’s a fun variation on the scrunchie from Mariana Sew DIY.

I wanted to make sure you saw it, so I added it to the post.

  • 0:00 – 1:02 – She shows you different ways the scrunchie with ears can look
  • 1:02 – The ear pattern and getting the fabric cut
  • 2:58 – Sewing tutorial
  • 10:30 – The finished scrunchie
YouTube video

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