How to Make Fabric Yo-Yo Christmas Ornaments

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Browsing an annual holiday craft fair with my mom and sister,  I rounded the corner and stopped abruptly.

My eyes widened and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Hanging from a Christmas tree display was a colorful assortment of ornaments in the shape of Christmas trees…all made from fabric yo-yos!

While I had seen many ways to use fabric yo-yos, I had never seen anything like this before.

I LOVE fabric yo-yos and, needless to say, was super excited. Looking carefully at each yo-yo Christmas tree, I finally selected one where all of the yo-yos were made from the same fabric.

The Inspiration

The magical moment described above happened a few years ago. Ever since then, when we decorate the Christmas tree, a warm fuzzy feeling fills my chest when I unwrap the yo-yo ornament from the tissue paper and hang it on the tree.

Fabric yo-yos are made into a Christmas tree ornament.

For years I’ve thought about having a Christmas tree dedicated to handmade ornaments. This year, I’ve started making it a reality. Can you guess what ornaments I made first?

That’s right… Christmas trees out of fabric yo-yos!

How to Sew Yo-Yo Christmas Tree Ornaments

After following the directions in this lesson, you’ll know how to make cute Christmas tree ornaments made out of different size yo-yos.

Tip: Read all of the steps before you begin.


Gather the Supplies

Supplies to make the Christmas tree ornaments out of yo-yos
  • For ONE yo-yo Christmas tree you’ll need:
    • 2 yo-yos made from a 5-inch template*
    • 3 yo-yos made from a 4-inch template*
    • 3 yo-yos made from a 3-inch template*
    • 2 yo-yos made from a 2-inch template*
    • embroidery floss (such as DMC)
    • needle
    • 1/8-in ribbon (for the ‘star’)
    • a bell about 3/4″ in diameter (for the ‘trunk’)
    • 1/4-inch ribbon (used to hang the ornament from the tree)
    • scissors

    *Not sure how to make the fabric yo-yos? They are simple and enjoyable to make and a fantastic way to use up scraps.

    Check out my post on How to Sew Fabric Yo-Yos.

    There is a video on how to make them along with written directions and photos.


    Tip: Read all of the steps before you begin.

    1. Cut a length of embroidery floss about 14-inches long. If you’re using a type of floss like DMC that is made up of 6 thin strands, separate 2 strands from the rest to use together.

    2. Thread the embroidery floss through the handle of the bell.

    Thread the floss through the bell's handle.
    I’m using 2 strands of the DMC embroidery floss.

    3. Bring the ends of the floss together and thread them through the eye of the needle.

    4. Start with the largest yo-yos. Poke the needle through the center of one yo-yo at a time. Push the needle from the bottom to the top. The flat side of the yo-yo should be facing toward the bell and the gathered side should be facing up.

    Insert needle through bottom of the largest yo-yo.
    Put the two largest yo-yos next to the bell.
    The two largest yo-yos are closest to the bell.

    5. Add the next three yo-yos (made from the 4-inch template) to the floss. Push the needle through the center of the yo-yos one at a time.

    Add the next three yo-yos made from the 4-inch template.

    6. After that, add the next three yo-yos (made from the 3-inch template).

    7. Now, add the smallest yo-yos.

    Add the remaining 5 yo-yos.
    All 10 yo-yos are threaded on the floss.

    8. Make sure all the yo-yos are resting against each other so the embroidery floss is not visible between them.

    9. Cut a length of 1/4-inch ribbon that is about 10 inches long. Fold it in half and push the needle through the fold. The ribbon should be resting on the top yo-yo.

    Attach ribbon to the top yo-yo.

    10. Make a stitch about 1/4-inch in length near the fold and push the needle back through the center of the top two yo-yos. Pull the needle out from the bottom of the second yo-yo from the top.

    Secure the ribbon.

    11. Gently tug on the floss to make sure there aren’t gaps between the yo-yos and the small stitch you just made is resting flat on the ribbon. Remove the needle and tie the floss in a knot. Clip the thread close to the knot fabric.

    Tie off and clip floss.

    12. Straighten the two sides of the 1/4-inch ribbon so they are next to each other. Keep the sides together and make a knot. Leave a loop large enough to hang on a Christmas tree branch. Clip the ends of the ribbon at a diagonal.

    Tie the ends of the ribbon together and cut.

    13. Cut a length of 1/8-inch ribbon that is about 12 inches long. (This is more than you’ll need, but it makes tying the bow easier.) Tie a bow around the base of the other ribbon. Cut the excess ribbon at a diagonal.

    Tie bow with the 1/8-inch ribbon.

    That’s It. You’re Done!

    Finished ornaments made from fabric yo-yos.
    Yo-yo ornaments hanging from a tree.

    Fabric yo-yos are super cute and a good way to use up fabric scraps. In addition, they are simple to make and can easily be done while watching TV or listening to a podcast.

    Combining yo-yos with each other and adding details such as buttons, ribbon, bells, beads, etc. results in creative ways to embellish everyday objects and/or create something unique.

    Fabric Yo-Yo Projects

    There are a lot of creative things you can do with yo-yos either in single or multiple layers.

    Layered fabric yo-yos
    Layered yo-yos

    They can be embellishments on pillows, picture frames, tea towels, or headbands.

    Use fabric yo-yos to create small projects such as wreaths, a wristlet purse, garland, key chains, ornaments, or a bouquet of flowers.

    You can even sew them together and create large projects such as bed coverings, table runners, or clothing.

    There are a few yo-yo project tutorials (each with FREE templates) on The Ruffled Purse:

    Three projects using yo-yos. Christmas tree ornaments, garland, and a circle coaster with a plan on it.

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    1. These are super cute! The jingle bell at the bottom is fantastic. I love yoyos too. I have a big ole long garland string of them on my tree!

    2. They are super-duper cute! I am going to share this with my family and i am sure they will like it a lot 🙂

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