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School has officially started! Teachers and other faculty reported back yesterday and students will begin on August 28. It is always an adjustment going back to school after summer and I feel very sluggish and tired right now.

However, as I sat through meetings the past two days, there has been a tingle of anticipation in my tummy as thoughts for making changes to my bedroom rumble around in the back of my brain.

Yesterday, I was exhausted and wiped out. I didn’t have the energy to iccomplish* anything in relation to the School Year Challenge I have set for myself.

Today, I’m more energized because time is ticking. If I don’t figure out a plan of action, nothing will change. Because I know myself, the flutter of excitement I’ve been feeling all day is a sign to get something done.

So, not to make things too complicated (which I have been known to do), I got out a legal pad and made a list of everything in the master bedroom. I started with my nightstand and then went clockwise around the room. Once I wrote down all the items that can be moved (except for Caramel’s crate), I listed all the permanent parts of the room.

Then I brainstormed what I want or need to do in order to bring about change in my bedroom. I came up with 4 categories: clean, need or weed, fix or make, and paint/refinish/reupholster.

Looking at the data, it is apparent my husband and I need to clean more! However, going through the process of decluttering (need or weed) and doing something to refurbish almost every piece of furniture in the room also stands out.

Reflecting on exactly what would be required to complete some of the projects, there were some other thoughts that came to mind. I wrote those at the bottom of my chart: decide on colors, vision for the room (immediate/long term vision) – what is doable now and what do I need to learn, budget, and plan of action – chalkboard method.

Between now and September 1st, I am going to start the ‘need or weed’ process (especially on the night stands and dresser). In addition, I am going to get clarity on the five considerations written at the bottom of the paper.

Starting this post, I was tired. Now I feel renewed! I’ve made the work ahead of me visible by creating the chart and I have some goals to set and questions to answer before I set up a plan of action for September. Change is on the horizon!

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