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Have you ever thought about sewing doll clothes?

Raggedy Ann was my favorite doll growing up and many of my memories revolve around dressing her up in the doll clothes my mom had made.

Playing dress-up with Raggedy Ann evokes such positive memories of my childhood, I’ve thought many times before about making doll clothes.

Like many of my sewing ideas, this type of project made it to my idea journal but never a reality. Until recently.

About a year ago, my niece discovered American Girl dolls and now owns a couple of them. My mom made some doll clothes for her birthday, and I put the snaps on the clothes and made some matching headbands. They were a huge success.

My niece and her American Girl dolls with clothes that were made by Grandma.
My mom made the clothes. Purple is my niece’s favorite color.

When my husband and I went to see my niece receive her first communion in May 2021 (we live in Texas and she is in Massachusetts), I knew I wanted to bring her some doll clothes.

I wanted to use different patterns than my mom did and found several doll clothes patterns at Rebecca Page that I fell in love with.

Each doll pattern featured one piece of clothing though some patterns had different variations of the garment.

  • Chole Cami – woven fabric; single or double straps, 3 top lengths, beginner-friendly pattern
  • Cora Cocoon Cardigan – knit fabric; 3 sleeve lengths, beginner-friendly pattern
  • Stevie Skirt – jersey knit fabric; 4 length options, beginner-friendly pattern
  • Portia Party Dress – knit or woven fabric; 4 length options, advanced beginner pattern
  • Posy Pleated Pants – woven fabric; 3 lengths, elastic waist with optional sash and belt loops; suitable for advanced beginner
  • Dreamy Drape Top – knit fabric; 3 sleeve lengths and 2 waistband options, beginner-friendly pattern

I purchased these 6 digital download PDF patterns and my plan was to make at least one of every article of clothing. Unfortunately, I ran out of time.

I did manage to sew 3 of the patterns and make 4 pieces of clothing. While some of the garments I made could be put together, I hoped Emily had some separates that could be mixed and matched with them.

It turned out that the 4 garments were plenty. With one extra t-shirt and some accessories Emily had, we spent a fun afternoon dressing her American Girl dolls in the clothes and having a photoshoot.

One doll is wearing Chole Cami (the yellow top) and they both are wearing the Stevie Skirt. The t-shirt is one that Emily already had.

Three Doll Clothes Patterns – One Outfit

Because I used fabrics with colors that complimented each other, Emily was able to put 3 of the 4 garments together for one outfit. A fun pair of metallic boots completed the look.

The yellow top is the Chloe Cami. The skirt is the Stevie Skirt. The cardigan is the Cora Cocoon.

Chloe Cami, a top pattern for dolls

This dolls cami sewing pattern is a beautiful, flowing top that is loose fitting and has the options to lengthen it to tunic length or shortened to be a crop top. There are multiple strap options and depending on the fabric used, the cami can be dressed up or down so your doll can have multiple outfit options.

~ description from Rebecca Page website

In addition to my niece Emily, I also have 2 adult nieces. They each own an American Girl doll that they played with when they were younger. I was able to try out the clothes and check the fit as I made them.

I decided to make the crop top length but had a little trouble with the straps. My intent was to give it the over-the-shoulder straps, but once I had them pinned in place, I couldn’t get it on the doll. I made a longer pair of straps and turned the top into a halter to solve this problem.

Stevie Skirt, a knit skirt pattern for dolls

This is a lovely dolls jersey skirt sewing pattern with no fastenings. There are four length options so you can make multiple skirts for your doll.

~ description from Rebecca Page website

Cora Cocoon, a knit cardigan pattern for dolls

This dolls cocoon cardigan pattern is for a cosy, comfy cardigan that is loose on the body and fitted on the forearm. There are three sleeve options, and depending on the fabric used, the cardigan can be worn throughout the year.

~ description from Rebecca Page website

One Doll Pattern – many looks

The Stevie Skirt comes with 4 different length options, but Emily discovered she preferred the long skirt to be used as a strapless dress.

This whimsical look comes together with a butterfly necklace, headband, and bare feet.

Close up and full view of a doll clothes skirt pattern that was made into a sleeveless dress.
Emily turned the long Stevie Skirt into a strapless dress.

More Than Doll Clothes

Rebecca Page has done something to make sewing doll clothes even more fun.

Almost all of the doll clothes patterns have child and adult sizes available too. So it’s easy to make matching doll clothes for mom, child, and doll.

Check out the bundle options here:

If you’ve been thinking about sewing some doll clothes, make sure to take a look at the Rebecca Page patterns. You will definitely be inspired.

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