What is Iccomplishments*?

Do you know how to sew but life has gotten in the way? You really enjoy making things but ongoing responsibilities for your family, your work, and your social life overwhelm you…there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

Do you frequently see cute items on Etsy, Pinterest, and other websites and wish you could sew?

Maybe you own a sewing machine thinking you would learn how to use it. However, it hasn’t seen the light of day and still sits in the box. In fact, you’re a little intimidated by it.

Did you inherit a chair you love from your grandparents or discover a wonderful piece of furniture at an estate sale? Regardless of how you acquired it, the fabric is worn and dated and you want to reupholster it. You just aren’t sure what to do, though.

You know little or next to nothing about sewing but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about all the fun things you could make.

Sewing ideas float around in your head. They are present one moment and gone the next.

Life goes on and before you know it the ideas are back. You just can’t stop thinking about them. Over time, they keep returning at random moments, teasing you to take action, but you never do.

You keep going through the motions of life waiting for “one day” when you can devote time to do those sewing things that keep teasing you, calling you.

Welcome to Iccomplishments™!

Here you will find inspiration and education to support you in personally accomplishing the projects you just can’t stop thinking about.

Now is the time to stop thinking, start sewing, and create happiness!