Sew Many Letters

Learn Select and Size, an easy system for selecting and resizing almost any letter template.

Perfect for sewists who want to customize, personalize, and embellish sewing projects of all kinds.

An Easy Process to Learn

Save Paper, Ink, and Time

SPend More Time Sewing

Nicki's work has been seen in:

Create one-of-a-kind items

Whether you’re sewing home decor or garments, quilting or crafting, or doing any other type of sewing, the Select and Size process gives you the ability to manipulate letter templates and create unique items for yourself, your home, and others that can’t be found anywhere else.

Hello there! I'm Nicki!

During a demanding 28-year career as an elementary school teacher, there was little time to sew…until I actually made time to do it. That’s when I rediscovered the joy of sewing.

Since retiring in December 2019, I’ve been blending my love of teaching and sewing at The Ruffled Purse.

Because of the positive changes sewing brings to everyday life, my goals are to support, empower, and inspire others who are interested in learning how to sew or spend more time doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology will i need to Sew Many Letters?

In order for the Select and Size process to work, you’ll need:

*a computer (laptop or desktop)

*ability to access a word document program (e.g. MS Word, Google Docs) on the computer

*a printer to print the letters you Select and Size

What If I have Trouble with selecting and sizing the Letters?

If you have difficulty with the Select and Size process after watching the video and going through the step-by-step directions in Sew Many Letters, email Nicki at 

Nicki has successfully used the Select and Size process that she teaches on many different operating systems including:


*Apple/Mac IOS

*Google Pixelbook/Chromebook

Nicki will help you troubleshoot any problems.

What If I don't have any letter templates?

A bonus for purchasing Sew Many Letters are 26 pages of the whimsical and playful hand drawn letters Nicki uses on her sewing projects. 

Each page has multiple versions of one letter both upper and lower case.

Mix and match the letters to get the look you want.

Are you ready to

Don’t let the wrong size letter templates keep you from personalizing and creating custom projects. Learn the Select and Size process to get perfect size letters every time!