For Quilt Guilds…

Looking for virtual lectures? I’ve got them!

Important Lecture Information

Cost per Lecture: $300

Time: Each lecture is approximately 60 minutes with time included for Q & A.

Delivery: Lectures are ALL VIRTUAL (live) on Zoom or other virtual platforms. 

Format: Information is delivered live by Nicki using mainly a slideshow with pictures and/or video content.

Contact: To reserve a lecture or for more information, email

Hang Quilts with Confidence

quilts hanging on a wall

Do your guild members ask questions like:

  • What is the best way to hang a quilt? or
  • How else can I hang a quilt besides a sleeve?

If you’re hearing questions like this, your guild needs Hang Quilts with Confidence, an interactive lecture where guild members are invited and encouraged to plan a quilt hanging system while they learn multiple ways to hang and display quilts and other quilting projects. 

After participating in Hang Quilts with Confidence, your guild members will walk away with the knowledge of how to successfully hang quilts of all sizes and have a plan of action for one of their own quilts.

What participants are saying about the Hang Quilts with Confidence presentation:

Email to schedule a lecture or for more information.

Sew Many Letters

Lots of love, energy, time, and thought go into the making of quilting projects.

But do you know what can make these handmade creations even more special?

Adding a name, word, or a message that inspires, motivates, or establishes a connection to the quilter or recipient can take a beautifully made quilting project and elevate it to extraordinary.

That’s why I created Sew Many Letters. This live virtual program celebrates the power of words and provides information on the tools and techniques needed to personalize any quilting or sewing project.

Sew Many Letters is a lecture/demonstration that has two parts:

In the first part of Sew Many Letters, guild members watch a demonstration on a process for resizing letter templates so they are the right size for a project.

During the second part of Sew Many Letters, quilters see the basic steps and techniques on how to use hand applique with freezer paper to attach the letters to a quilt or other sewing project.

The Sew Many Letters quilt guild program is based on an on-demand digital course with the same name.

Because there won’t be enough time for guild members to practice what they see during the Sew Many Letters demonstrations, after the lecture each member will receive access to the Sew Many Letters on-demand digital course for a limited time at no cost.

This access will give guild members who are interested the opportunity to practice what was demonstrated during the lecture and go through the process on their own for resizing letter templates and using hand applique with freezer paper to attach the letters to a project.

BONUS: Before the free limited-time access is up, guild members will have the option to individually purchase the Sew Many Letters on-demand course at a special price for their own personal use.

Email to schedule a lecture or for more information.

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